Mailigen Review

Mailigen directs your email marketing campaigns with precision to ensure your clients receive the content they're interested in. This bulk email service allows you to generate newsletters, signup forms, surveys and more. Through this service, you are able to provide social networking buttons to your subscribers so they're more inclined to share your campaigns with others. However, it might provide more quality if it was not missing attributes like special demographic segmentation and an inbox preview tool.

The Mailigen email marketing service supplies about 130 templates, the majority of them custom designed. Mailigen also allows you to generate your own template if you want. Whether you use a Mailigen template or one you make yourself, it is possible to correct all the formatting in the HTML or layout editor. You can alter fonts and text sizes. You can even add symbols, links, combine tags and images. Mailigen hosts up to 10MB of images for you. When you make all of the adjustments you prefer, you are able to save your variant to make use of again after.

Mailigen offers application programming interface (API) integration that will help you manage your lists, create and send campaigns, and collect data. This email advertising service has plugins for WordPress and Joomla, in addition to others that the organization will release shortly. API is an interface for programmers; it is not for the average net user.

Mailigen Email Creation

The Mailigen service offers an email set up wizard that walks you through the steps of campaign development. It also makes it easy to produce contact lists. It also allows you to generate contact lists. You can add names individually, cut and paste them, or import a file. Should you upload your list, you'll be able to set auto updates to your own present list so that your lists can stay synced. It is possible to send text messages to contacts through this service as well.

One attribute Mailigen does not offer is the ability to preview your email in a variety of email clients. This might show you what your subscribers will see when they start your email marketing campaign. It makes it possible for you to catch formatting problems too. Another feature it lacks is the capability to segment your campaigns by demographic, which makes it possible to accomplish your intended audience more readily.

Mailigen Sending & Reporting Features

Mailigen offers social networking buttons for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, StumbleUpon and much more. You can even send a post to your own Twitter and Facebook accounts at once you send out your email marketing campaign. Furthermore, you are able to link your RSS feed to your own e-mail campaign.

Mailigen's realtime performance reports show the number of opened emails, forwarded email addresses, unsubscribe requests, leaps and new subscribers. It's possible for you to view these statistics in graph and percentage form. This service incorporates with Google Analytics, which can monitor click rates and your return on investment. These amounts can assist you to discover just how much money you are making from your marketing efforts.

Mailigen Conclusion

Overall, Mailigen offers helpful tools to produce and track a variety of email campaigns and surveys. The templates are fully customizable and professional, as well as the reporting is brilliant. Despite the contact management drawbacks, this really is a dynamic service that will help you create and maintain your e-mail marketing campaigns.

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